Pes 2021 Features (1)

PES 2021 Features – What is New in PES 21?

Are you one of the keen football fans? Then we have got some update on the latest PES 2021. Even in this pandemic situation, we are eagerly waiting for PES 2021, and we are happy to share some information about the same.

What Is PES 2021?

PES 2021 or eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is a famous football game series going to the 20th installment, and Konami will release it. According to the news sources, PES 2021 will be launched on September 12, 2020.

What Are The Expected PES 2021 features?

Although fans are not sure about the additional features, few unknown sources had predicted some possible improved features in the game. Some of them are mentioned below,

Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (1)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2021

Euro 2020

Konami will add the improved Euro 2020 (2021) in their new update, but it won’t be available in a direct way. It is because of the decision of UEFA to delay the tournament. However, the game will be released in September, so the European championship patch is expected to be available prior.

Master League

Master League is a single-player mode where you can have your manager seat in the club. You have the responsibility to build a successful team, and in this season, you could experience some new exciting changes.

There will be an improvement in the transfer’s management, friendly matches, and the player’s rate. Konami has also announced the addition of new three managers this year for fans.

Get the Veteran’s Bonus

You are eligible to get veteran’s bonus if you had played my club mode in PES 2020 or PES 2020 LITE. Once you purchase the update of PES 2021, you will be awarded bonuses depends on the milestones acquired by you in my club mode of PES 2020.

Improved Graphics and Gameplay

The players had been provided with 3D full-body scans with a new way of photorealism. The stadium is also upgraded with the best visual quality.

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What Are The Licenses of PES 2021?

The game had been gaining its popularity in the past few years, along with its licensing agreements. Juventus, Barcelona, and other star teams had been a part of the Konami with the last seasons.

Like the last season, Barcelona will be in this season too, as it had signed the agreement for four years in 2019. Arsenal is another official club that will be the partner of Konami in this updated season too. Juventus had also agreed for a long term partnership with the company while it is also available in FIFA 2020 in the name of Piemonte Calcio.

As the agreements with Milan and Inter are not for this PES 2021, they will be mentioned as Milano RN and Lombardia RN. Here RN refers to the Rossoneri and Nerazzurri.

Now you know some of the game’s predicted features, don’t you think it’s worth the wait? Yes, totally. Even though the PEST 2021 is a season update of PES 2020, we are sure you will be quite excited to play the game in a whole different way in just a month away.

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