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PES 2021 Mobile – What About PES 2021 Mobile Version?

Howdy Fellas! If you have ever been a cavernous lover of PES 2020, then we have some mixed updates. Here you will get every detailed update on news about the Release Date, Console Releases, Platform Supports, Licenses, and Price picks. Are you ready to go downhill as an ardent fan of PES mobile? Let’s get started!

What is PES Mobile?

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PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer and is being developed and published by Konami. This highly anticipated game was first introduced in 1995 and made gamers crazy about it ever since. PES is a cross-platform association football simulation video game available for downloading officially in the respective app markets.

The Japanese version of the game is baptised as eFootball Winning Eleven 2020. It will be released on the 25th Anniversary of the Konami title.

Hold you breathes players because the PES Mobile 2021 will not be a standalone PES mobile game. Instead, PES Mobile 2021 will only be released as a season update. Still, the game is so hyped for a spectacular set of reasons.

Why is PES Mobile 2021 so Hyped?

Konami teased a PES Mobile 2021 on May 18th, 2020. And, people started jumping around for a release date. On Jul 16th, 2020, the highly anticipated trailer for PES Mobile 2021 broke out on the internet. Konami responding to the gaming community by saying that PES Mobile 2021 shall release on Sept 15th, 2021.

Konami announced that there would be a demo of PES Mobile 2021 to mend gamers’ heartbreaks when they announced PES Mobile 2021 would only be a season update. And they halted the launch, stating its unnecessary.

Why should you download the new season update?

There are plenty of reasons why you should be excited like we are.

Since PES Mobile 2021 will only be a season update, the price will be significantly lower. Moreover, the PES 2021 Mobile will have a special anniversary price discount.

Entering the second year of an exclusive deal with the Italian giants, The Old Lady shall reappear. So, can we hope to see Messi & Ronaldo together?

Euro 2021 will be delayed for more than 10 months. Still, PES exclusive partnership with UEFA brings us Euro 2020 again.

PES Mobile 2021 will introduce more stadiums than PES Mobile 2021 has. As of now, Vodafone Arena (Turkey) & Elland road (England) will be introduced. Other than those, Allianz Arena (Munich) and Camp Nou (Barcelona) will be sponsored by Juventus.

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EA Sports are eyeing metropolitan Stadium (Spain), so we may not see it in PES Mobile 2021 even if it goes up to the premier league.

Konami teased managers Pep Guardiola, Frank Lampard & Ryan Giggs with its Jul 16th trailer launch. The update may be developed with Unreal Engine 5, with a concept of PES Mobile 2022.

Konami may also implement edits to the youth team and may pickup wonderkids. Joao Felix (20), Houssem Aouar (21), and Phil Fodan (19), replacing David Silva, can be expected to be seen at the end of the season.

We can foresee a vision for the master league to take on FIFA’s career mode. Exciting times are approaching, but we may have to before the update for mobile devices arrives.

All the pure speculations shall potentially surprise us if Konami builds up a mind to reward us with some exclusive bonus content under the groundbreaking title.

Instead of launching a full-fledged standalone version of PES Mobile 2021, the update shall be a season update. Yet the amazement of seeing so many more updated together at an affordable price. The price has not been uncovered yet, but looking at several instances, we shall expect a $30-$40USD price worldwide. Another update may be seen later this year, but the wait is worthy!

The game installer file can be larger than 150MB and the.OBB file may be larger than 1GB. A smartphone with a minimum of 8GB flash storage space, 4GB RAM, and Android 6+ is recommended to run the game butter-smoothly.

PES Mobile 2020 has several bugs. Several players were disappointed with the AI because it declared foul to every move of the human players. Therefore, the season update is expected to bring certainly a more significant number of bug fixes.

Final Words

PES Mobile 2021 will be released soon. The test results of beta versions for several developers worked fine. A month later, we shall see the first PES Mobile 2021 season update for console devices. PES Mobile 2021 may take quite a while after the initial update date.

We can see how excited you are to download the season update, and we are in a similar situation. Therefore, we insist you wait for few days, 3-weeks to be exact before you can finally get your hands on the game. And when you do, play like there’s no tomorrow.

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